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July 20 2013: If there's one trend I've really noticed in the last year or two, it's one I've written about: Women are blogging about going jogbraed in increasing numbers, and identifying with shirtlessness with elan, confidence and wit. This bodes well for more conversions amongst both sexes: We all know the ladies are the real thinkers!

Meanwhile, thank you for all for the comments and insights, fellow shirtless runners newbie or veteran. I continue to welcome guest posts (sent to on any related topic, including from those who would discourage stripping to the waist. Let all voices be heard on this site!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Being shirtless in public an interest to many

I've been checking to see how many of the readers of this blog (which have been far more than I'd ever anticipated) get to this site through a search engine. And it has surprised me how many of them arrive here by way of Google, having keyed in search terms that show a general interest in going shirtless, or running shirtless.

A mere sample of these search terms, from just the last 10 days:

'Shirtless in public'

'Shirtless runner blog'

'running shirtless'

'shirtless jogging'

'women running shirtless' (Note: going jogbraed is honorary shirtlessness in my book)

'dare shirtless jogging' (Note: Go on, try it!)

'gym class bare-chested'

'shirtless running shorts' (Note: Any sort of attire would do!)

'shirtless in public'

'gym class shirtless'

'strip shirtless' (Note: It's a lot more comfortable once the perspiration starts to flow)

'shirtless running forum'

'should I go bare-chested in gym' (Note: If the gym management/school doesn't mind, do!)

'running shirtless in Spain'

'running bare-chested'

These queries came in from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Spain and Zimbabwe.

It just shows many folks are either ready to, or have already joined, our band of happy shirtless brothers and sisters. You won't regret it once you get past any initial jitters. So write in with your experiences, or qualms, or advice.


Anonymous said...

I tried running shirtless today. It was great, as I expected. I see shirtless runners all the time because I live by a beach, but I was really surprised today that someone yelled at me, and he appeared very angry "put a shirt on". I wonder what was so offensive? This person yelling was a black guy in his 20's, driving a sports car, wearing lots of gold. I have never had anyone yell at me on the street before.

barethomas said...

I guess we must first accept that some folks just find shirtlessness terribly inconsiderate (a vestige of their upbringing, perhaps).

However, were they to come to contact with more people who run shirtless yet are in every other way entirely 'normal' (in their eyes)- ie decent and considerate - the walls might be broken down over time.

They might even come to see the light and join us!

Anonymous said...

I would love to, but I have bad acne on the shoulders and back . I always imagine people staring at me, even if nobody really does. Mostly I am thinking if somebody would be feeling offended not only seeing me shirtless but my problem.

any psychic trick I may use ?

barethomas said...

Hang in there, O person with acne. I'll put the problem up in the next couple of days as part of a standalone post, with any thoughts I might have and - more importantly - see if any readers will proffer solutions that might help.

flazatty said...

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Anonymous said...

I am too old to run. Can I just mosey along?