Goodbye, 'Jogbra'...

May 2015: First up, though I still try to put up blog content whenever I can, it has been easier to more regularly visit the the Twitterverse. Follow me at @barethomas10 and let's keep the shirtless running flag flying. Of course, the blog still attracts very interesting comments, and good discussion. Keep it up.

Second, in the years since this venture launched, and as shirtless running among women has gone increasingly mainstream, the term "jogbra" has clearly declined in use. I will thus prefer "sportsbra" henceforth - as has already been the case on Twitter, and in recent posts here.

I continue to welcome guest posts (sent to on any related topic, including from those who would discourage stripping to the waist. I am myself of course a fervent convert to the joys of running bare. But let all voices be heard!

Friday, June 11, 2010

More on why people run shirtless

Here are five more quirky quotes sourced from the Internet, from people expounding shirtless running:

"If you make it a point to run shirtless once a week, I GUARANTEE you will make better eating decisions... girls included!" - RunMikeRun1 (click here for original source)

"I don’t see why it’s special. I know a lot of people who run shirtless because they don’t want their clothes to get sweaty" - Hollywood star Kellan Lutz (click here for original source)

"I always feel like people are staring at me. I don't like it. It didn't help I was the only the person shirtless, but hey it was hot!" - Leandro (click here for original source)

"Time to test my Heat Theory, in which I theorize that by getting out and getting maximum heat exposure in the hottest part of the day, for example by running shirtless in the sun on asphalt at 2pm, the body is trained to function at a higher temperature, thereby rendering all other parts of the day more bearable, especially when at rest." - Booksy (click here for original source)

"What better way to meet a guy than to see him running shirtless in the park?" - Carly (click here for original source)


Shirtless Robbie said...

Haha, these are interesting. Yea, I definitely believe comfort on a hot day is my top reason for running shirtless. But I would definitely say I see at as something very normal. Of course, when you're famous like Kellan you have people following you around with cameras and they all go crazy whenever your shirt comes off. If I had paparazzi waiting around for me to pull off my shirt, I would probably go around shirtless all the time, just to say, "Hey, what's the big deal?" But that's just me. As to better eating habits, yea, I'd say that's pretty true. Running shirtless can be a big motivator to do other things to stay in shape.

Anonymous said...

Aside from comfort...Don't forget...running shirtless saves on the laundry!